Los Angeles: The City of Angels (and entertainment…)

Face it. Everyone comes to Los Angeles for fun. Music because Hollywood is only ten minutes away, the amazing shopping areas, the gorgeous, accessible beaches, the people, the local tourist attractions…including Olvera Street which was the place I visited last night.

For the first time in months, I was able to hold a camera again! (albeit, a borrowed one, but a camera nonetheless) If you don’t know, my camera was broken a few months back due to the fact that I dropped it. (stupid, fragile Nikons. I like Canons better now.)

Anyways, that’s besides the point. We saw some pretty amazing things there, but, unfortunately, we were out of cash and couldn’t purchase much, but we took quite a few pictures and we’ll be back!

Hmm…this was my first time inserting a gallery, I think this works a lot better then inserting one image at a time…

And as this is a peaceful, spring-break Thursday, I’ve decided to post up a few images that make life enjoyable.

Flowers from Mom

My ever messy makeup table

A pair of gorgeous heels with ruffles

A wall set aside for a pretty necklace, a picture, magazine covers, and various pieces of art

Some of my favorite books I enjoy reading on various lazy days

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