CFDA Awards…the best…and the worst…

Being a self-declared fashionista, I am extremely disappointed in myself that I had no idea what the CFDA Awards were. After a few early morning tweets, I have discovered that CFDA stands for The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc. Everytime I see those four letters now, my fashion senses start tingling. So, let’s move onto the important things, no? Well, important things meaning best (and worst) dressed of the night.



Lady Gaga in a custom Mugler gown and teal wig

This one might be a bit controversial but all I can say is it was dramatic and it served its purpose. The corset, gown, and train was very Lady Gaga but not “over-the-top-meat-dress Lady Gaga”. It was stunning, breath-taking, and the teal wig just took it from over-the-top-gorgeous to drop-dead-gorgeous.

Whitney Port in Pamella Roland

The Body Peace Advocate for Seventeen looked simply stunning in her gown and simple accessories were matched beautifully. Her natural-shaded makeup pulled everything together and the entire thing was executed perfectly.

Chanel Iman in BCBG Maz Azria

The model definitely rocked the gown in four different ways:

1) The teal hue matched her skin tone perfectly

2) The golden heels were understated enough to give the gown the attention but wasn’t too understated that you wouldn’t be able to see them at all

3) The cuts on the gown accentuate her skin and body perfectly

4) Her silver and gold accessories matches the teal perfectly


Karolina Kurkova

The green of the jumpsuit was great, the hood was very meh, and the shoes were downright wrong for that gown. Karolina accessorized perfectly…down to the shoes. I normally don’t criticize outfits but I instantly thought “It’s Christmas already?”

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Once again, I’m critiquing because this really just shocked the heck out of me. I know some “hard-core” fashionistas may say “Oh, they’re geniuses!” but my mind screams, “Wow! No!” Ashley’s dress looks like it’s made for a middle school dance and her heels look like they were made for a grandma whose last wardrobe update was in 1800. And I can’t exactly say that I enjoy Mary Kate’s metallic golden jacket. Even though it’s Chanel, I can’t exactly look at it without a pair of sunglasses available. However, I must give them kudos for the handbags, they look gorgeous and it’s probably one of the only things I would wear out of their entire wardrobes.

Jessica Alba in Diane von Furstenburg

I can’t say I exactly hate what the mom-to-be’s wearing, but I can’t say I love it either. The boldly colored frock caught my attention, but I must say, it’s not one of my favorite color combinations. The hues could have been brighter and there could be a bit more orange up top but overall, I’d rate this, eh, 4/10.

And as a final note, I’m still editing and receiving pictures from my beach excursion on Saturday, so watch out for that post coming soon



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