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Now that all my finals have been finished for school, I can finally put my attention on the more important things: preparations for graduation (or promotion…whatever you call it. Just know I’m going to high school in the fall) and blogging. Like I promised (or if I haven’t, I am now), I’m working on my blogging skills and I’m going to start posting frequently (possibly every day or so). So before I leave for the beach, I’ll post up a few pictures from yesterday.

As my friend was taking my pictures for me, she asked, “What’s your favorite designer? Rogue? Vanity Fair?”

I’m not quite sure we can be friends for much longer…

Photo credits: Denise Ho


[prescription] sunnies, [Ann Taylor] blazer, [gifted XXI Forever] tee, [Limited edition Rampage] jeans, [Claire’s] belt, [Charlotte Russe] flats

Yes, I am reading The Series of Unfortunate Events. The sheer impossibility of that ever happening in real life is one of the reasons why I enjoy it time after time…

And of course, being the kid I am, when the sprinklers turned on, I ditched my shoes and blazer and jumped right in…


Hello sunshine!


Wearing//Mossimo fedora, Heritage 1981 top, Claire’s belt, Aeropostale shorts, Forever 21 birdie necklace, Target owl ring [accessories inset], gifted bracelet (worn as an anklet)

Thanks to my brother for being patient and taking these pictures for me!


Today was one of the first days we got sunshine since Sunday and I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed my good friend. To celebrate, I compromised with the still slightly breezy weather by putting on a ¾ sleeve top with a pair of shorts and I then proceeded to prance around in my new fedora and bare feet around my front yard. In addition to that, my dad turned on the sprinkler to water our starving lawn and I pranced around in that as well (though stepping on dirt with wet feet didn’t exactly produce desirable effects…)

And now, for the first time ever, I have a question for you to answer and respond back! (albeit a rather general and unoriginal one) Which would you rather be? An intern with no pay for a prestigious magazine like Vogue or a $20/hour paid employee of some random office? Be honest! Fashion vs money…it’s a hard choice, even for me. I’d love love love to intern for Vogue or even Teen Vogue or Seventeen but I really need the dough…either way, I’m too young for either but some of you aren’t! So tell me, no-pay or pay?


Ash (in case you didn’t know, that’s Mandarin for “goodbye”. I need to learn it for high school, practice makes perfect, right?)

Strike that pose, darling

YES. I finally ordered my things from Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe…now commencing 5-10 days of impatiently waiting for my package to come. (I really, really, really hope it comes in before Mother’s Day because part of my purchases were for my dear mother) Wanna see what I ordered? WAIT TIL THEY COME. (surprises are sweeter when you wait longer…if  you’re the one who has to wait)

Anyways, off topic again. This post isn’t about what I bought online (B-O-R-I-N-G). Nope. I went back to my friend’s house today and we had a photo shoot. (believe me, it’s not as easy as you think it is…so many freaking changes) BEWARE: ginormous amounts of images (FUN FUN FUN)

One slight problem: I’ll post up the brands of the clothes we’re wearing in a separate post later, error on my side, forgot to gather the brands as we took the pictures.


Oh and let me distinguish us. I’m the one with super-short hair (and mainly B&W outfits), Jen’s the one who’s wearing tank tops, and Lauren’s the one with the headphones or long-ish hair. If that’s still too confusing, check out our individuals in Photo set #1 and from left to right: Ash (me), Lauren, and Jen.

Photo set #1: Boy Bands Are So Over. It’s All About the Girls.

Photo set #2: Backyard Retro

Photo set #3: The Couch Scene

Photo set #4: “Girly” is a Very Vague Term

Listen to ;; Go Away by 2ne1

After two weeks of working on a project, you know whether it will work or not.

Such a true quote. Today I had to go to my friend’s house to work on a geometry project (and on spring break too!) in which we have to construct a chair made of ONLY cardboard and glue. Oh and it has to hold at least 150 lbs. And we haven’t started on it until today (I know, I know, we’re such horrible procrastinators…shame on us) But we’re almost completed, aren’t you proud? (What, do you want photographic proof? FINE. Come back tomorrow, my phone’s screwing with me right now)

After two weeks of working on a project, you know whether it will work or not.

– Bill Budge

As surprising as it was, it was actually quite fun due to the fact that I was working with two of my best friends and music was blasting from my friend’s pro stereo system (her dad has legit DJ equipment) and we were motivated by the promise of going to Cue if we were at least 75% done with the project by 3:30. Which we did. More than 75%, more like 85%. The only problem is the support and we ran out of glue sticks for the hot glue gun (Again, procrastination = lack of supplies) so we did go to Cue (You know, the fun photo place where you go in a booth with a green screen and you take a few pictures, decorate ’em, print ’em out, and take ’em home for about $10 a pop? Yeah. That place) and, of course, it was GREAT. (Think 5% pictures, 85% failing at that one claw machine, and 10% eating delicious crepes and dancing along to Korean songs playing in the cafe…at least my friends did while I pretended not to know them. But hey, we got 4 sheets of photos, great right?)

In addition to that, I was shopping at Target (again) and I MAY be going crazy. I bought not one, but THREE floral looking items there…my one saving grace: they look vintage enough to pass for something I would wear. And believe it or not, two of those things are from the girl’s section, not Juniors, but girls. And they’re size 12…BUT HEY. I CAN STILL FIT INTO A SMALL AT THE JUNIORS SECTION ALRIGHT? (no, in case you’re wondering, I’m NOT anorexic nor do I have an eating disorder, I am naturally small, not tiny, but merely small, and believe me, sometimes it’s frustrating when I see the perfect dress but they don’t carry it in my size. And blame it on the genes, my mother’s small too, at least I’m average-ish height. 5’3 at 102lbs. all good, right?)

(And believe me, the pants fit better than they look)

Now for the BEST news (best for last!) Kat Madamba recently posted up a new video on her YouTube channel and it’s a basic DIY-your-shirt thing and I gave it a spin on my “tshirt-turned-pajama” and it rocked SO much I actually wear my Little Miss Stubborn shirt out more. Hell to the YEAH. Don’t thank me, thank HER. Oh and see her beast pictures (yes, even more beast than mine)


Claire’s beanie, Papaya necklace, Old Navy tank top, DIY’ed tshirt, Anchor Blue jeans

And then Kat’s pic. Told ya, more pro then I am. She’s careful while I just snip, snip, snip away at my poor little shirt.

Listen to ;; Skyway Avenue by We the Kings