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Looking Far Ahead…

I know it’s only spring (for most people) but it’s like summer here in LA right now. Freaking hot. So I’ve gone ahead and put together a small summer “look book” for myself, essentials, in a way, for my summer.

1. Ombre Sun Shades from Hot Topic, $9.99

2. Chantilly Lace Dress from Forever 21, $29.80

3. Lightweight Army Twill Vest from Marc Jacobs, $198

4. Classic Q Hillier Hobo from Marc Jacobs, $398

5. Ditan Pumps from Betsey Johnson, $99.95

6. Braided Adenandra Necklace from Anthropologie, $38

7. Diana F+ CMYK camera kit from Fred Flare, $99

8. Will Ferrell Sunscreen from Fred Flare, $14

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I was forced…

… to write this post. Well, not really. It was kind of a “secret exchange” of sorts. My friend, known as Bob on the Net and [censored] in real life (this is sensitive information people, can’t have it getting spread around now can I?), has asked me to inform the general public about this awesome site (in which he’s ordering for me a zombie shirt, right?) in exchange for…well, you don’t need to know. Let’s just say it involved a lot of spam. ON GMAIL. (get your minds out of the gutter, okay?)

WOOT. shirt.woot to be exact.

Want graphic tees? Go to this site now and get some witty, sarcastic (not unlike yours truly) tees for $10-$15 each ($10 for the Shirt of the Day, the one you first see when you enter the site, and $15 for everything else) and best of all? Read my lips: FREE. SHIPPING. (well, it’s standard shipping at least, international and overnight shipping require an extra $5)

What else can I say about it? Oh yeah, once you order your first shirt, you’re automatically allowed to vote in the Derby where you vote for new designs that you want to be all over your front side.

So without any further ado, I present to you my top ten Woots of past and present. (warning: cute overload? possibly…)

10. Gone Fishing (aww, what a cutie pie)

9. Don’t Even Ask (another cute tshirt…seeing a pattern?)

8. An Exhaustive Guide to Cuts of Meat

7. Metric (for any Anglophiles)

6. Sissy Fight

5. The Domino Effect (oh gosh, I burst out laughing when I saw this one)

4. Unstealthiest Ninja (the looks on their faces…)

3. Rampage

2. Eatser Bunny (haha, punny)

1. Acquired Taste (the shirt that, ahem, someone’s supposed to order for me? *sparkly eyes*)

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Strike that pose, darling

YES. I finally ordered my things from Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe…now commencing 5-10 days of impatiently waiting for my package to come. (I really, really, really hope it comes in before Mother’s Day because part of my purchases were for my dear mother) Wanna see what I ordered? WAIT TIL THEY COME. (surprises are sweeter when you wait longer…if  you’re the one who has to wait)

Anyways, off topic again. This post isn’t about what I bought online (B-O-R-I-N-G). Nope. I went back to my friend’s house today and we had a photo shoot. (believe me, it’s not as easy as you think it is…so many freaking changes) BEWARE: ginormous amounts of images (FUN FUN FUN)

One slight problem: I’ll post up the brands of the clothes we’re wearing in a separate post later, error on my side, forgot to gather the brands as we took the pictures.


Oh and let me distinguish us. I’m the one with super-short hair (and mainly B&W outfits), Jen’s the one who’s wearing tank tops, and Lauren’s the one with the headphones or long-ish hair. If that’s still too confusing, check out our individuals in Photo set #1 and from left to right: Ash (me), Lauren, and Jen.

Photo set #1: Boy Bands Are So Over. It’s All About the Girls.

Photo set #2: Backyard Retro

Photo set #3: The Couch Scene

Photo set #4: “Girly” is a Very Vague Term

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