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Now that all my finals have been finished for school, I can finally put my attention on the more important things: preparations for graduation (or promotion…whatever you call it. Just know I’m going to high school in the fall) and blogging. Like I promised (or if I haven’t, I am now), I’m working on my blogging skills and I’m going to start posting frequently (possibly every day or so). So before I leave for the beach, I’ll post up a few pictures from yesterday.

As my friend was taking my pictures for me, she asked, “What’s your favorite designer? Rogue? Vanity Fair?”

I’m not quite sure we can be friends for much longer…

Photo credits: Denise Ho


[prescription] sunnies, [Ann Taylor] blazer, [gifted XXI Forever] tee, [Limited edition Rampage] jeans, [Claire’s] belt, [Charlotte Russe] flats

Yes, I am reading The Series of Unfortunate Events. The sheer impossibility of that ever happening in real life is one of the reasons why I enjoy it time after time…

And of course, being the kid I am, when the sprinklers turned on, I ditched my shoes and blazer and jumped right in…

Hello sunshine!


Wearing//Mossimo fedora, Heritage 1981 top, Claire’s belt, Aeropostale shorts, Forever 21 birdie necklace, Target owl ring [accessories inset], gifted bracelet (worn as an anklet)

Thanks to my brother for being patient and taking these pictures for me!


Today was one of the first days we got sunshine since Sunday and I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed my good friend. To celebrate, I compromised with the still slightly breezy weather by putting on a ¾ sleeve top with a pair of shorts and I then proceeded to prance around in my new fedora and bare feet around my front yard. In addition to that, my dad turned on the sprinkler to water our starving lawn and I pranced around in that as well (though stepping on dirt with wet feet didn’t exactly produce desirable effects…)

And now, for the first time ever, I have a question for you to answer and respond back! (albeit a rather general and unoriginal one) Which would you rather be? An intern with no pay for a prestigious magazine like Vogue or a $20/hour paid employee of some random office? Be honest! Fashion vs money…it’s a hard choice, even for me. I’d love love love to intern for Vogue or even Teen Vogue or Seventeen but I really need the dough…either way, I’m too young for either but some of you aren’t! So tell me, no-pay or pay?


Ash (in case you didn’t know, that’s Mandarin for “goodbye”. I need to learn it for high school, practice makes perfect, right?)

High expectations…

Well graduation’s drawing nearer and nearer and like the procrastinator I am, I’m finally shopping for graduation gifts for oh, 15 or so people. Yeah. Not such an easy task, huh? And the problem (or painful joy) is that everyone is so different! (see? pained because it’s going to be hard work to find everyone’s gift but joy because everyone’s unique in my class!) One girl loves electric guitars and David Cook while another girl loves K-pop and stuffed animals. One guy likes hats and shoes while another guy likes books and music. Oh the pain I’m going to have while shopping but the even bigger pain in leaving the people I’ve known & grown to love over eight years! (I’m in a semi-poetic mode today…) But we’re going to have to move on eventually which leads me to the main body of my post:

HIGH expectations. Coming from your typical hard-working, frugal Asian (especially Chinese ones) family, I obviously have high bars set for me. In fall of 2011, I’ll be attending the Troy Tech & IB program in Fullerton and my parents fully expect me to juggle academics with extracurriculars such as NJROTC (Naval Junior Officers Reserve Training Corps) and other high-school-stuff that all you high schoolers do. But I’m also setting the bar high for myself. Since I have to leave the house around 6:45 or 7:00 every morning to beat traffic rush (I live in West Covina, Fullerton is going to be a long commute for 4 years…) I’m challenging myself. Every morning I will be able to manage wearing a decent outfit (lazy outfits, aka hoodie and jeans, not deemed decent unless finals/stressful times occur). It’s probably a good thing that my mom won’t let me get my ears pierced yet (long story, saved for another post). ANYWAYS, I’m again going off-tangent. Original topic: graduation &  high expectations, current topic: outfits & ear piercings? WHUT. Originally, I planned to post up pictures of a few shirts from universities I want to attend (see? high expectations. told ya) and so I will but I’ll update you on a few morsels of  my life as well.

BUT first things first, shirts (from F21 and credited university sites)

Columbia great school, great journalism program, located in NYC. What more can I ask for?

Harvard. One word. What more do you need?

Stanford. If my journalism/fashion career doesn’t take off, I have executive, CEO, and owner of the world next up.

And of course. U to the C to the L to the A baby! Nothing else but Bruins support all the way!

With college hype out of the way, let’s move onto the next quick topic of the night. Have you heard of Claire’s Style Bloggers? You basically blog for Claire’s for a whole month if your application is picked out. I passed the preliminary test and one more form to fill out & I may very well blog for Claire’s, so watch out for that!

2nd to last topic: the so-called Rapture that will happen tomorrow. To prove it won’t happen, I’ll have a post up on Sunday as well. I’m not saying that there’s a 100% chance it WON’T happen but 99.999999% it won’t. God never gave us the exact time and date He’s coming back. Who on Earth, with our feeble, mortal minds, can understand the great, mighty thoughts of our King Everlasting? Here’s a little rebuttal for any Camping supporters out there:

Why the world will NOT end tomorrow (on May 21): 1) Did God EVER EVER EVER mention in the Bible the day in which He will take Christians back to heaven? 2) Camping made a similar mistake in 1994 and claims it was due to some ‘miscalculations’. All right then… 3) I haven’t graduated yet! Kidding about that one but the first and second ones are true, no? The only thing that I agree about the whole Rapture Madness is this: be prepared. You never know when God WILL come back. Be prepared. Even if you are not sure about your faith, keep and open mind and an open heart. Beware for the “true” Christians who will freak the heck out if you say “no” just once. REAL Christians are commanded by the Bible to spread His Word but we are in no way commanded to coerce people into receiving Jesus into their hearts. All God wants is an open and willing heart. If you’re not ready, take more time. And anther note of reassurance: whenever the Rapture happens, it’s not the final end. There WILL be 7 years after that though it will be like hell on Earth but if you have God as your Savior, he will shield you from many of the evils that will plague the Earth. Final note: God always has second chances, up to a certain point. Don’t be stuck on the REAL Judgement Day as “undecided” for you still have a choice now but you won’t have a choice when you stand before the White Throne.

And as you digest that deep topic (very unlike what I usually post but what? I can’t be serious either?) I’ll finish this up with a lighter, more petty topic (but doesn’t everyone need something petty every now and then to keep life sane?) I got my new glasses!

See? Neon green frames with a zig-zag pattern. Fly or fly?

That’s it…for now! See you Sunday! (well, I’ll see you pretty late on Sunday…spending another full day at church, picnic w/ my SS class & choir practice!)